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Coba Cocina is a unique Mexican cuisine restaurant located in Lexington KY.  When the owner of this store had the vision to develop, design and open this new type of restaurant from the ground up, they contacted Snyder Signs to design, manufacture and implement a new image.  This display sign was commissioned by our customer with but a few requirements.  One, it had to be unique.  And two, it had to be designed as a fountain and a sign. The first option was easy, the second, not so much.  Snyder Signs team got to work and designed the combination entrance sign/water fountain that you see in these photos.

Some of the unique features of the Coba Cocina sign are as follows:

  • Sign/Fountain designed as one unit with all of the water pumps, lighting for the sign head, lighting in the different pool elevations were integrated into one unit.
  • Three levels of pools with water transferred via cascading waterfalls.
  • Flow rate of water pumps were designed along with water tray exits to shed water in perfect ribbon streams from the top pool to the middle pool.
  • Submersible LED lighting in each of the pools
  • Sign top portion contains channel letters that appear to be neon, but are actually internal LED lighting illuminating ¾” push thru acrylic contained in 4” deep channel letters.
  • Sign cabinet consists of hammered polished copper that is treated with Snyder Signs proprietary process that minimizes copper tarnishing.  Then clear coated with Snyder Signs developed process.
  • All of the elements of construction including foundation, steel, masonry, porcelain tile application, LED lighting, water pumps, plumbing, etc. were handled by our team.

This project truly brought together the imagination, talents, and craftsmanship that the team at Snyder Signs produces for its clients every day.