Featured Projects

ZMAX Dragway

Snyder Signs, Inc. contracted with Lowe’s Motor Speedway and Speedway Motorsports, Inc. to provide signing services for the new ZMAX Dragway in Concord, NC.  Snyder Signs manufactured and installed illuminated lettersets, site wayfinding, monument signs, canopies, and suite identification signs for the dragway. This project took the Snyder Signs crew straight into the fast lane.  The production team began manufacturing the signs, and as soon as they were complete—the installation crew was on the road toward Charlotte. This seamless operation ensured the project would be a success and was completed on schedule.


City of Bristol

Snyder Signs, Inc. worked in partnership with the City of Bristol, Tennessee, to provide welcome signs for the major highway arteries into the great City of Bristol.  Snyder Signs worked closely with City Manager, Jeff Broughton, in the creation of the design used.  Graphic detail was incorporated, as well as using stand-off aluminum plate letters, to highlight the copy.  Snyder Signs’ responsibilities included design, manufacturing, and installation of the signs.  Snyder Signs also coordinated with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to ensure all TDOT standards were met.


East Tennessee State University

Summers-Taylor Stadium Soccer Scoreboard

Snyder Signs, Inc. has completed several projects for East Tennessee State University.  From exterior signage to interior signage, ETSU knows they can count on us to get the job done.  Snyder Signs has completed monument signs, interior wall murals, multiple electronic message centers and scoreboards, lettersets, banners, and other various signage for the university. The Soccer Scoreboard project entailed Snyder Signs working with not only ETSU, but also the architectural firm and the message center vendor.  ETSU was faced with a short deadline and a limited budget for the scoreboard.  Snyder Signs assisted the University, along with the architectural firm, in designing the scoreboard in a way that would prove to work within the budget ETSU needed.  Snyder Signs also maintained close contact with the message center manufacturer to ensure the product was installed when needed.


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